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The Level Up

If you enjoy games, then it's time for you to Level Up your game nights.  

Over $1,000,000 raised on Kickstarter!

For any size game

The Level Up is made from custom engineered modular parts allowing you to build a board any size you like.  But to save your brain from exploding, we have created these easy size options for you!

The Classic (3x2ft) 
Great for Dungeons & Dragons and other miniature based RPG's.  All but the largest board games including Talisman.

The Square (3x3ft)
Great for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Wars:  Armada (small play area), Frostgrave.

The Skirmish (3x4ft)
Great for Battletech, Necromunda, Mordheim

Medium Wargamer (4x6ft)
Great for Warhammer 40,000, Star Wars:  Legion, Kings of War, Age of Sigmar

Large Wargamer (4x8ft)
Great for:  Full-sized wargamer table for massive armies 

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